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Internet Based Kids

As concerned parents, we want to give our kids every possible advantage that we didn't necessarily have growing up. We want them to get the best education and then go onto find a great job that will provide our kids with much-needed stability. But have you considered...
  • Many college graduates never get a job in their chosen field.
  • Stability in the workplace is almost non-existent as companies restructure or downsize.
  • Self-employment is on the rise and there are over 20 million self-employed individuals, in the United States alone!
There really is an alternative to our kids scouring the classified ads and it's right under our nose. And it would be an outright shame not to lead our precious children in the right direction. Internet Based Kids

Online Entrepreneurship for Kids is NOT New. Just Look at These Inspiring Kid Entrepreneur Stories

  • A 17 year-old girl who had taken in over a million dollars designing MySpace ads and promoting advertising on her site.
  • A 17 year-old boy made $425,000 profit from his website in 2004 (he actually was "sneaky" and started this business while his parents were out of town because he thought they would talk him out of it) - Source: / December 2004
  • And that's just two of the many net-savvy kid success stories you can find online.

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